The BMW K1600B LE is a product of BMW collaborating with Roland Sands, a Californian customiser of fame, to create this bike. It is one of those rare machines that originally came with a unique wood veneer panelling. The bike is a ludicrous one, but of an excellent build.

Built from a superbike

The BMW K1600B LE utilizes a 164bhp, 1649cc inline six motor derived from the familiar K1600 GT. The frame is an identical one, with Duolever front end and Paralever swingarm. The tourer’s specification is kept intact in the steering geometry, braking and the wheelbase. The same can be said for engine management and traction control systems. The fuel tank at 26.5 litres also follows the same template. The main differences of the BMW K1600B LE with a complete tourer is the lowered rear end. This is due to a complete different subframe. The seat height is a low 780mm. The panniers are styled-in and the megaphone silencers can only be described as huge. The handlebars are raked back and flat. The stubby screen can be adjusted as per the preferences of the rider. A few GT options are available, like fairing towers that come with extra storage space. The rider can also opt for a taller screen. The BMW K1600B LE comes with reverse gear. The starter motor drives it. Winds are deflected by the redesigned upper fairing. The swing out flaps will also be much bigger. The BMW K1600B LE also enjoys the identical optional extras which come with touring bikes: an autoblipper, quick shifter and keyless ignition. The sat nav is totally integrated. Other standard features include stereo, crash bars, fog lights and central locking for panniers among many others. The list, as goes with a BMW, is a long one, and costs quite a lot of money. The rider can push in as many things as the person wants to.

Base model competence

The base model of the BMW K1600B LE has almost everything of note. You can get optional footboards, LED fogs, quicker shifter and crash bars by parting with a little more cash. It does not mean that you are wasting precious money. When you spend you get an unmatched riding experience which cannot be obtained anywhere else. This is as no other company manufactures inline six cylinder bikes. No other manufacturer’s product generates 160bhp. The six cylinder motor is much more than simply inline four and two. There is a perfect balance between primary and secondary, meaning no shafts in balance and no tingling in high frequencies. There will be no blurred mirrors either. The BMW K1600B LE cruises through rapid gear succession, the heavy K1600 transmission smoothed by autoblipper and quick shifter. In sixth gear, there is a vast speed range. The bike will crawl at 20mph and then accelerate to 130mph and go beyond. The 80mph comes at 3750rpm, just above tickover. The chassis of the BMW K1600B LE is exemplary. The bike’s blend of power and weight can be easily managed by the rider with easy competence.

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