BMW R1250GS When it comes to adventure motorcycles, the Bavarian manufacturers have always been producing some of the best machines money can buy. One machine which was a leader in the adventure market was the BMW R1250GS. As the Germans had to make it better than it already was, updating this powerful motorbike was no easy task. Despite the challenge, BMW released the new R1250GS, for 2019. Will this motorcycle give the Bavarians the edge to lead the adventure market?

BMW R1250GS Specifications

From a styling perspective, you will find it hard to differentiate between the old and new model with a single glance. After closer inspection, it becomes clear that the Germans made small styling updates, to give this machine a modern look. Even though it comes with the trademark mismatched headlamps, they now use LED. You will find telelever monoshock in the front suspension, which comes with semi-active, multimode adjustments. In the rear, there is the paralever monoshock, with semi-active, multi-mode, and auto preload adjustments. Regardless of your off-roading skills, you will find this motorcycle’s suspension is always doing an excellent job of soaking up the bumps and shocks. The front brakes have two discs, with four-pot callipers, while the ones on the rear is a single disc, with two-pot callipers. Both the front and rear brakes have cornering ABS, along with Dynamic Brake Control. Thanks to this new system, you won’t have any problems when you slam the brakes, as they cut off the throttle. The Hill Hold Control System has also gotten an upgrade, where it comes online automatically when the road slopes more than 5°. Despite being slightly heavier than the previous model, there is no way you will notice the difference when you are on the road. You will have a lot of confidence steering this machine, as its handling is phenomenal. Regardless of the condition of the road, you will find it quite stable. When it comes to comfort, this motorcycle will surprise you every second. Due to the heated grips and seat, you can ride in all types of weather conditions, without any compromise in comfort. There is plenty of room for your legs and the seat feels incredible, giving you great comfort throughout the journey. The new TFT screen on this motorcycle displays a variety of information, which you can scroll through, using button pushes and clicks. There are a lot of rider aids, which give you the confidence to go for long rides.

BMW R1250GS Performance

Powering this remarkable bike is the horizontal flat twin, DOHC, 8v, 1254 cc engine. It produces 134 hp of power at 7,750 rpm and 106 ft-lb of torque at 6,250 rpm. The bike won’t have any problems going over 130 mph, thanks the power of the engine. Along with the massive 20-litre fuel tank, you should be able to cover at least 150 miles at a stretch.


It looks like BMW have taken great care and effort to improve the R1250GS in all aspects. If you are looking for one of the best all-rounder off-roading machine, you should pick up the BMW R1250GS. You can order it from a nearby dealership for a base price of £13,415!

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