Every motorbiker should have a road trip bucket list, to tick off all motorbike routes they need to travel before they go to the garage in the sky. Across the world there are so many thrilling rides to pick from so we put together a few of the very best motorbike routes on offer! ### Europe __Transfagarasan High Way__ Stretching across highest parts of the Southern Carpathians the highway was originally built as a strategic military route 90km long. It’s the most dramatic and thrilling route in Romania heading north to south from the highest peak in the country to the second highest twisting and turning all the way and the views you get along the way are breath taking through the Romanian countryside. You might find the odd pig or sheep wondering into the road from the numerous farms surrounding the route but that’s all part of the rural charm. Be sure to set off early to avoid traffic taking the north side for the most interesting route and wear something warm, the peaks can get pretty cold at those heights! __Cat and Fiddle Road__ Closer to home with this one, the Cat and Fiddle road has been called the most dangerous road in Britain so make sure you approach this route with caution and use a little common sense. The road runs between Macclesfield and Buxton and is renowned for its twists, turns and harsh bends as well as breath taking views. On a clear day you can see miles of greater Manchester, the Peak District National Park and the Cheshire Plains so stopping for photos along the way is a must. Stopping for a cake and a cuppa tea at the Peak View tea rooms is another plus with great views and great food! __Stelvio Pass__ This epic pass through Italy is the second highest mountain pass in the Alps and was simply built to be ridden. It has 48 hair pin turns along the way more than enough opportunities to get the knee down and take you through miles of stunning Alpine scenery. Roll by miles upon miles of lush mountain views and scenery. Like with most of the roads on this list avoid peak times of the week, on a Saturday or Sunday the pass is full of cars, RV’s and motorbikes blocking the way but if you catch the pass on the right day you can take advantage of breath taking views. Just keep your eye on the weather and keep your wits about you, this might be one of the best runs in Europe but it’s just as dangerous as it is beautiful and fun! ### Asia __The Mae Hong Song Loop__ Located in Thailand this 6 day tour will take you into the more remote parts of North Thailand, starting at Chiang Main and stretching 670 kilometres back round. This tour is great for beginners and accommodates a 125 easily, taking you through Doi Inthanon National Park where you pass waterfalls and an array of beautiful Thai scenery then through narrow roads carved through the mountains, into valleys and over peaks. You really need longer than 6 days to make the most of this route with all the experiences and encounters along the way you can squeeze in white water rafting, trekking and more, 10 days is a good amount. Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Water Fall This is one of the very best motorbike rides in Vietnam because of its beautiful landscapes and amazing attractions mainly the largest and most beautiful water fall in Vietnam. It’s a 190 km road trip with plenty of stops along the way for photo opportunities and visits to local villages of the hill tribes. This trip can be taken over 2 days to get the real experience and make the most of everything there is to see and do take in the views, fly down the rural back roads and really take in Northeast Vietnam. ### America __The Three Sisters__ A scenic route through Texas showing you a side of the sate you might not have seen before! Starting at the town of Leaky and looping back round again passing clear rivers, twisting through mountain curves and though Texas ranches this route doesn’t have many petrol stations or other amenities in sight so plan ahead and make sure you have enough supplies to last the whole route! The ups, downs, twists and turns are a lot like a roller coaster and will undoubtedly blow you a way, just be aware or Mother Nature as deer wandering on to the road isn’t uncommon as well as loose dirt and gravel! __Needles Highway__ 14 miles long and rolling through South Dakota Needles Highway is one of the most beautiful roads you can take in America. Passing through huge granite structures surrounded by pine covered mountains it’s not the type of road to speed along and you’ll probably find your self riding slower than your grandma to just take everything in! A few of the highlights include the granite needles that stick out of the Black Hills, stopping off at the Sylvan Lake to take in the views or go hiking and the local wildlife like deer, bison and elk all around you.

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