Although motorbikers are one big family everyone is different, and when you’ve been on the road for a while you start notice a few different types of bikers popping up. From the DIY junkie to the track motorbike obsessed, here’s our list of all the different bikers you’re going to see out on a ride.

The DIY Junkie

While most bikers know how to change their oil or clean out a filter these guys will always take it one step further, even rebuilding the engine if they want too. Always prepared this biker is super resourceful and probably has a cool mini tool kit crammed in somewhere on their bike, tire blowouts, petrol tank leak, chain adjustments whatever needs fixing he’s ready for it. It’s not uncommon for this breed of biker too have 3 or more custom bikes hidden away in the garage some where all in different states of assembly (but you never actually see him ride any of his projects…). Then there’s the God tier DIY junkie, you’ll see then riding by on some sort of mind boggling, crazy frankenbike with Ducati front ends, GSXR frames and Harley rims (some looking a lot better than others). Whatever you think about DIYing your bike you have to admire their skills, creativity and resourcefulness.

The Squid

We’ve all seen them, young, inexperienced bikers popping wheelies in rush hour traffic probably on some sort of inline-four Japanese sports bike. It’s a gamble as to whether they even have a proper license or ever learnt to ride properly at all, weaving in and out of slow moving traffic at 50 miles an hour they somehow manage to avoid certain death on a daily basis. Proper gear is a maybe to this guy, pulling wheelies and burnouts in a Superdry hoodie and jeans with just a helmet for proper protection. I won’t lie, we all love riding fast and pulling stunts, but these riders give us a bad name!

The Sport Rider

This biker has one thing and one thing only on his mind SPEED! Oh and power too, can’t forget the power! They are obsessed with keeping their sleek sexy sports bike clean and running like a dream and whether it’s a ZX-R or a CBR they love any excuse to talk about their bike always focused on the speed and power of course. They might be a race fan and if they are can be heard chatting away about the latest Moto GP action for hours on end. One thing’s for sure, the sports riders will always be found on a track day knees low to the ground and speed high going round and round shaving seconds off they’re track time in full matching leathers or suits for the more hard-core lot.

The Cruiser

The opposite of the sports rider the cruiser likes their bikes low and long with less “Wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh” and more oh of a hum. Although they like a laid back ride don’t be fooled, when it comes to it they’ll whack open that throttle and speed down the straights, no knee dragging our taking corners almost horizontal just smooth and straight. You know a cruiser the minute you see one, dark leathers, patches, big boots and a pretty ineffective half helmet…

The Motorbike Whisperer

You see these guys everywhere, the wise old men and women of the road, these people have been riding since you were knee high to a grass hopper. They know everything there is to know about motorbikes and have ridden every bike you can think of, they tend to be lone wolves with only them and their bikes to answer to. Its seems they have been riding a bike for so long that you never see them off it and you can’t tell where the bike ends and the bike whisperer begins! Keep an eye out for these different types of people out on the road next time you go riding, did you find yourself on the list?

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