Honda CBR500R Review

Honda’s CBR range has been one of the most popular models since their introduction. The Japanese manufacturer have updated their Honda CBR500R (along with the naked and adventure versions) making their 500 range lighter, better quality with better fuel consumption. The Honda CBR500R is specifically aimed at A2 licence holder and holds its weight in the sportsbikes world. We take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Honda CBR500R Specifications

It’s clear that the Honda CBR500R draws its aesthetic inspiration from the iconic Fireblade series. Fully-faired and with a sleek styling, the riding position from previous years has stayed the same, just with sharper edges. The front suspension of the Honda CBR500R is preload adjustable conventional forks, while the rear is 9-stage, Pro-link Monoshock. Although the suspension may come off as soft, it won’t face any difficulties while absorbing the imperfections of the road. As the motorbike has a dry weight of 194 kg, it is agile and quick around the corners. Even if you are going at extremely high speeds, the ideal environment for the Honda CBR500R the motorbike remains quite stable. The front two-piston, single disc brake and the rear single-piston, single disc brake ensures adequate breaking power. The ABS is efficient and a welcome addition to the sports version.


The Honda CBR 500R comes with a chain driven, DOHC, liquid cooled, parallel twin, 8-valve engine that can produce 47 hp of power at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 31.72 lb-ft at 7,000 rpm. The power delivery is smooth and the throttle response is better – thanks to the new front and air intakes on the motorbike. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced rider, you’ll find that the motorbike delivers the right amount of power at all times. Even the exhaust has had a slight makeover, improving the sound and giving it more of a growl than the versions before. Also subject to revisions was the six-speed manual gearbox, improving gear shift and allowing for a clean pull off in low revs and easily speeding through gears as the bike gets to full pelt. With a mileage of 83 mpg and the tank size of 16.7 litres, you can easily cover more than 350 miles on the motorbike.


The Honda CBR500R is the perfect all-round motorbike for those who are new to the superbike world. At the same time, the motorbike gives just enough power and feel that even experienced riders will love while riding it through the city. Every single feature of the new Honda CBR500R is better than

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