What affects motorbike value?

There are various factors that can affect motorbike value. Here Motorbike Trader has taken a closer look at the main ones.

1) Mileage

Mileage is one of the main factors that affects a motorbike valuation. Higher mileage indicates more wear and tear, and more chance of things going wrong. It’s fair to say that the more miles you’ve got on the clock, the less you will get for your bike.

2) Service and MOT History

If you do rack up the miles, then make sure you have your service/MOT records. This will show that your bike is in a working condition and has been properly maintained. The length on your bikes MOT is also important. We DO buy bikes without an MOT, but we’d always recommend having a new one done before you come to sell.

3) Mechanical Condition

When selling your motorbike with Motorbike Trader, the mechanical condition of your bike will be inspected by our experts to check everything is running as it should. If any problems are found, its going to affect your motorcycle valuation.

4) Aesthetic Condition

Any dents, scuffs, or scratches are also going to affect your motorbike value. It’s always worth giving your bike a thorough clean before selling and touching up any blemishes on the bodywork.

5) What Else?

Your bikes age, the number of previous owners, modifications, accessories, and your bikes insurance history are also considered when generating your motorbike valuation. Now that’s cleared up, click below to get your free motorbike valuation and start your journey to selling your motorbike.


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