The Indian company has brought out, the Indian Springfield, a motorbike which blends an old style with excellent versatility. The motorbike is marketed as a rival for Road King, Harley-Davidson’s popular bike which sells quite well. It’s a tourer having hard panniers and a screen which can be swiftly removed for short trips or when it is fine weather outside.


The Indian Springfield can be described as an imposing. It is an impressive machine packaged with huge fenders and miles of chrome. The saddle is studded leather. When the motorbike is equipped to the lees, it has a resemblance to Chief Vintage model in the Indian stable. The exception to the looks is the tall perspex screen complemented by hard panniers and not leather saddlebags. The Indian Springfield also has the ability to carry a top-box. It means the chassis was redesigned to cope with the potential extra weight.


The engine is the same as the other Chief models. It is a V-twin and air-cooled. The unit operates through its valves via the old fashioned pushrods. The unit is shiny and neat and known for generating copious amount of torque from minimal revs. This quality provides this model with an exceptionally strong performance. The fuelling is crisp as well. The V-twin accelerates in an inimitable V-twin character, made good by a throbbing exhaust note. When it comes to the open road, the bike cruises relaxedly, with less than about 3,000rpm in its digital rev-counter. The latter is set into tank mounted speedometer.


Cruising is done comfortably, especially when the screen is fitted. The latter can be clipped to its place in a few seconds. It does an excellent task of diverting away winds. Long riders would look over the screen, short riders through it. They could also select a shorter option. The saddle is supportive, and the generous foot-boards with standard cruise control enhance the touring ability of the bike. The Indian Springfield handles excellently for a motorbike which weighs in excess of 350kg. The aluminum frame is similar to Chief Vintage, but has a steeper steering geometry which provides a little more lighter steering. The low saddle helps in slower speed manoeuvrability. This bike’s single rear suspension utilizes air assistance when it comes to delivering superb ride quality. Springfield has an adequate taut feel as well. This quality is best enjoyed on twisty roads. It helps that the bike has excellent ground clearance and triple disc system of brakes complete with ABS. All these qualities make this bike a fun ride for such a large and luxurious bike, The machine is well equipped and functional. It includes a number of features, including central locking and keyless ignition. The central locking feature enables panniers to be completely secured through a key-fob or tank top button. Panniers are roomy. They can be removed swiftly. A crash helmet can be stored using accessory top-box. The bike is versatile and finished well. It has character. The Springfield makes an enjoyable ride and is comfortable when riding distance.

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