You’ve been thinking about it for a long time now and finally decided you want a motorbike, you passed all the necessary tests you need to get you on the road here are our tips for buying your first motorbike. First things first you need a motorbike something that looks good, sounds good, drives good and is cost effective, you’ve looked online asked motorbiker mates but you’re still not sure which one to go with we thought we would give you hand with a couple of ideas for the best motorbike you can buy as a beginner (even if you’re on a budget). There are going to be a couple of sacrifices you’ll have to make, one these being not having the most attractive bike out there, for a proper beauty you’ll need a lot more in the budget I’m afraid. But you might be surprised to find that if won’t be a complete mess! Our logic is that for your first bike you don’t want to get a beautiful looking high end bike when you’re probably going to bump into something or drop the bike a couple of times while you get used to riding, if you sacrifice looks for a better price and a tougher build it’s a good place to start. You are definitely going to want to buy a used bike and to be honest you probably won’t ever buy a brand new bike further down the line but it depends. It’s not much cheaper than getting a brand new bike and you might be able to haggle the price a little with seller if you’re cheeky. You won’t get a warranty or any of the other perks you get buying new but hey if you get a good deal it’s probably worth the loss. When you buy a used bike, try and stick to bikes with less than 40,000 miles if you’re used to cars this might seem odd but this many miles on a bike is like 150,000 miles on a car for comparison. Your used bike could be 10 years old and have anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 miles on it and work just as well as a newer bike but once you buy one with 40,000 miles its bit of a gamble. That said bikes can make it into the hundreds of thousands of miles and still truck on but as a rule the lower the mileage the better! If you want to keep costs down buy bike bikes at the extreme ends of the spectrum getting a really popular bike means there’s tons on the market and getting a less popular bike no one will want are great ways to deal some brilliant deals. The most important thing to remember is to stick with bikes no older than ten years even though older bikes get be unbelievably cool so buying a vintage or retro motorbike might be tempting but also expensive! The upfront cost of the bike might be less if its 25 years old but it’s more likely to have technical issues and added to that the older the bike the harder it is to find parts when they need replacing. Don’t rush into it! If you have you’re an eye on a particular bike from a particular seller spend the couple of extra quid to get it HPI checked this can save a whole lot of pain in the future. If you buy the bike it could be crashed, stolen or on fiancé and all you’re buying is right off or someone elses debt. Lastly when you go to have a look at the bike bring a friend who knows his stuff about motorbikes if it’s your first bike then you don’t have that much experience with them so bring along a friend that knows what he’s looking at and he can advise you on whether or not the bike is a safe bet! So here are a few suggestions for first motorbikes that won’t break the bank… - Honda CBR 125R - Keeway RKV 125 - Honda CB350 - Moto Guzzi V7 - Kawasaki Ninja 300

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