The Triumph Daytona 675R is the latest addition to the Triumph triples family bikes, elder brother of the currently discontinued Daytona 675 variant. Even a glance is sufficient to realise that, this is a super sport bike, in spite of being dwarfed in size by other elite counterparts in the same category. Upfront it is not what people call ground-breaking design, but it holds its own in character. It has dual headlamps with an air duct right in the middle of them, one of headlamps act as DRL (Daytime running lamp). Now the instrument console is a perfect combination of analogue and digital components with carbon fibre inlays. The console offerings include- lap time, gear change indicator, programmable shift lamps and a clock. The pillion seat is no different when compared to other super sports bikes: Read it is small. From the rear, the Triumph Daytona 675R sports LED stop lamp and indicators with a stainless-steel exhaust. The exhaust pipe is a three in one type, under engine silencer which incorporates a valve. This beast has a dry weight of 167 Kilograms thanks to the not so massive design; the body frame is made up of eight castings which are held well by the strong but light construction. Features like steering damper, mass centralization and ABS (Anti-lock braking system) make this bike a complete package. The front has twin 310mm discs and the rear has a single 220mm, both are of the adjustable ABS kind.

Beauty is only skin deep, or is it?

The engine is in-line three-cylinder petrol, with a DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft) valve train which is cooled by a liquid coolant. The rated engine displacement is 675cc with twelve valves. As you can see the engine is no slouch and can easily dish out 118.5ps of power at around 12,300 odd revolutions per minute. In terms of Torque it can easily deliver up to 70.2nm at 9,900 revolutions per minute. In an effort to optimise the engine, it is built with a shorter stroke and wider bore dimensions, which translates to abundance of power and acceleration when needed. Switching gears is now a breeze, thanks to the quick shifter enhancement and with a dual injector for each cylinder ensures that there is no dearth of fuel for the engine when you want to squeeze every last drop of power from it. Contrastingly even with all that immense power, the bike can comfortably cruise at 60kmph in sixth gear: Simply means driving it around in the busy streets should not be a challenge. This bike has a tank capacity of 4.6 US gallon.

All is said and done

The Triumph Daytona 675R is a perfect bike in many fronts with its own quirks and character, the only issue with it is the pricing. In the UK it is priced at £14,099. Just for a reference, the Suzuki Hayabusa comes close at £15,680 with so much more to offer, which is interesting. Is the Triumph Daytona 675R worth the money? Well yes, it is surprisingly nimble and strikes the right balance between a super sports bike and everyday use practicality.

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