The Yamaha TDM900 is the pioneer supermoto motorbike. The first version of this bike was launched in 1991. Subsequent models have only improved from that attempt. The TDM900 in question came into the market in 2002. The Yamaha TDM900 is an improvement over its predecessor TDM850. The motorbike continues its ancestor’s slight hint of an off-roading ability. This motorcycle makes for a superb commuter machine. People rode it to actually go somewhere, and not to show off their bike’s speeding capabilities.

Economical And Value For Money

The Yamaha TDM900 is cheap, reliable, and comfortable. Riding is extremely comfortable thanks to its upright stance. The bike is faultless but critics may point out that it lacks wind protection. This can be rectified by buying an after-market screen. Servicing the bike does not cost much money thanks to its reliable and easily accessible parallel twin engine. The premium build quality and excellent mechanicals mean that it is rare for the bike owner to take his motorcycle to the repair centre. The tank range is 200 miles. All these factors make the bike an excellent machine to ride for longer distances. The Yamaha TDM900 is an extremely reliable machine. Issues, if any, will start from lack of attention and care of the bike. This is a common theme in much used commuter bikes. If the rider takes care of the metal parts, the bike will run fresh. If they do not, the bike quality will deteriorate faster than normal.

Soft But Of Value

A few owners are not comfortable with the soft collars of the Yamaha TDM900. However. What is lost in handling the bike gets compensated in comfort. Gearbox could throw a few false neutrals and the motor can burn a little oil. Another problem is buying replacement tyres as the tyre size is an uncommon 18 inch one. These tyres also cost more than normal. These are, however, minor irritants which does not take anything of value away from the motorcycle. The Yamaha TDM900 is a product of constant up-gradation. The first TDM850 was sold in 1991. It was succeeded by TDM850, the second generation motorcycle in 1996. Beefier forks were added to the bike at this juncture. The 2002 model of the TDM900 came with bigger capacity motor. It was made of aluminium frame in lieu of the usual steel frame. There were also new wheels and fuel injection. A complete upgrade and makeover was done. The 2003 edition of the bike saw brand new bike lights. The fork springs were also altered. The next year saw yet another improvement. The 2004 model saw the addition of an immobiliser. Fork springs were changed again. The year 2005 witnessed the entry of ABS into the motorcycle engineering. The last update was done n 2007 when the engine saw the addition of black paint. The foam seat got thicker. The TDM900A began to be sold in 2006. The new model was simply a few extra bolts to the factory made stock TDM900. Used bikes can be bought at about £2,500.

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